Often it can take a while for people to recognise that life is being harmed by gambling. Coming to accept this is a big first step. You may be suffering from your own gambling or somebody else’s. There’s lots of help available.

It’s likely you’ll feel very isolated, very confused and probably experiencing guilt and shame. This is a main reason why people don’t reach out for help. Sadly, society tends to stigmatise people who suffer things like substance dependence and compulsive gambling. We tend to internalise social values which is called self stigma. We may judge ourselves very harshly. In fact, we are suffering from a health issue like any other and should expect this to receive the support it deserves.

It can be very hard to reach out for help. But doing so is a tremendous relief and a massive step towards fixing problems. It takes just a phone call to one of the places listed on this page. Some support organisations have a facility where you can text in chat boxes if this feels easier.

And if you can, sharing with those close to you is of great benefit. Maybe you could look together at a website like this and learn that harms arising from gambling are very common health conditions.


GamCare and Gamblers Anonymous above are available 24/7

Clicking on the button below will take you to many more options. These include advice and support relating to debt, mental health, bereavement, domestic abuse and more.

You can also download our Support booklet by clicking on the cover image below. If you’d like us to send you some copies drop us a line at hello@glasgowcitygamblingharms.org