Overview of Gambling Harms in Glasgow


This overview looks at the nature and prevalence of gambling harms in Glasgow. It is limited in scope and reflects our own perspectives but we hope it provides a reasonable basic guide.

SECTION ONE offers a quick look at some key points. It can be read in ten minutes or so and is designed to introduce people who may be new to the subject of gambling harms to some of the main issues.

SECTION TWO goes into more depth. It focuses on developments in Glasgow over the past 15 years which have sought to minimise gambling harms in the city. Some reference is made to factors beyond the city which affect Glasgow. We recommend three other overviews. COPE Scotland’s June 2022 booklet produced in conjunction with the Glasgow Suicide Prevention Partnership is an excellent introduction and includes links to many support services: COPE: Gambling Harms_booklet_June_2022. 

The 2019 report by Dr Michelle Gillies also provides a great overview from a public health perspective: 2019-Preventing-and-Reducing-Gambling-Harms-in-the-City-of-Glasgow-ScotPHN

The third report of interest, released after this overview was prepared is the Scottish Parliament’s report of 12 December 2022. This is significant in that it is demonstrates the issue is being addressed at governmental level. The report can be read here.

SECTION THREE provides a description of The Machine Zone’s work on gambling harms which includes some notes about the difficulties and achievements encountered by a small (two person) enterprise operating withing statutory and third sectors. Also included here are some notes about the project which this overview is part of, Glasgow City Gambling Harms.

We’ll publish an updated overview in February or March 2023.

The overview will be made available in part as a pdf but is best viewed online.