It is heartening to see the inclusion of gambling harms recovery with substance recovery in Glasgow.


Glasgow North West Recovery Communities has included gambling as a topic in their six-weekly ROSC (Recovery Oriented System of Care) meetings. They have shown our film One Last Spin twice and will do so again later in the year. Their website includes support options for gambling recovery.


The regular ROSC meetings are wonderful, vibrant and well attended. Organisations from many sectors are invited. These include providers of support for things like money, benefits and housing, as well as many which open up activities for recovery support. Of course, the meetings have at their centre individuals in recovery, and each meeting is itself an enriching social experience. 


NWRC works with North East Recovery Community and South Recovery Community Network and from the three of them is a strong network, a range of activities, resources and recovery cafes.


Brian MCarthy manages NWRC and we met him at a gambling harms event at Glasgow Women’s Centre. Brian also came along to our event in Easterhouse at the Platform, and he has been a strong support for us and an example of authentic commitment.


There are great benefits from this linking of gambling and substance harms recovery. For one, the marvellous general peer-led range of support for harms in general  provides deeply human connections and support, and specifically because it it is extremely clear that a high number of people suffers both gambling and substance harms at the same time.


It is to be celebrated that in Glasgow an active address to gambling harms is from grassroots communities. While ‘top down’ work to reduce harms may sometimes bear fruit, for the people who need support now it is essential to recognise the authentic, effective and practical work designed and delivered by people with lived experience.