The two of us (The Machine Zone) have seen the growth of some amazing lived experience organisations in recent times. These are providing vital support for people and spaces for combined grassroots vision and activity. They have networked with statutory and third sector agencies and been part of movements to raise awareness of gambling related harms, and call for regulatory interventions.


Our own work has been in the area of raising awareness in Scotland, signposting support and advocating a public health approach to shift preferred industry narratives which highlight an individual ‘problem’ or ‘pathology’ towards emphasising industry contexts and dterminants especially relating to marketing and sponsorship (including targeting individuals in recovery), and product design.


All of our community work has been in the Glasgow region and has included working with a wide range of audiences such as in prison, citizens advice workers, workplaces, money advice, women’s groups, medical students, councillors, community groups and third sector organisations which also have an interest in raising awareness and reducing harms.


One thing we think that has emerged is that while we concentrate on gambling harms these can be included in other categories such as ‘commercial determinants of health’, education, the justice system, housing, specific issues such as the cost of living, local government, and public health generally. Therefore we think it good to work with partner organisations whose focus may not be gambling but which share similary focus on broader topics. A good example is the campaigning from alcohol harms reduction groups which advocate for change in industry marketing, sponsorship, products and further regulation. An organisation like ADFREE CITIES is also a natural partner.


By linking with such organisations and networks, awareness of gambling related harms may be enhanced.